Exemptions and Limits

Exemption from Accommodation Payment
There are two exemptions to the payment of Accommodation Payments

You can not be asked to pay a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) if it leaves you with assets at least equal to the minimum permissible asset value, usually 2.25 times the single basic age pension amount (currently about $46,500 as at 20 March 2015).

If your means tested amount is less than the maximum accommodation supplement you cannot be charged an accommodation payment.

Exemption for Family Home
The former family home is not counted as an asset for aged care purposes if it is occupied by a protected person. A protected person includes the following:

a) A spouse or dependent child,
b) A carer who had occupied the home for two years and was eligible to receive an income support payment,
c) A close relation who had occupied the home for five years and was eligible to receive an income support payment. (A close relation is defined as a parent, sister, brother, child or a grandchild)

Annual and lifetime caps for Means Tested Fee
The amount of means tested care fees (payable for any residential care, flexible care or home care service) by a care recipient is subject to an annual cap and a lifetime cap.

As at 20th March 2015 the annual cap is $25,528.71 and the lifetime cap is $61,268.92