What is Aged Care?

Residential aged care is for older people who can no longer live at home due to illness, disability, bereavement, isolation, problems with maintaining a large property, an emergency or the changing needs of their carer, family or friends.

Clients considering entering residential aged care often have a range of concerns including:

Acceptance of the move to aged care – it can be difficult to accept the loss of independence that occurs when living in an aged care facility. In addition, aged care facilities can have a negative image and some clients may not be willing to move to an aged care facility voluntarily. This can be a distressing time. In some cases, visiting aged care facilities or staying in a facility for a short period of respite care can assist clients to become familiar with aged care facilities and provide a realistic view of the services provided.

Access to family and/or friends – proximity to family or friends is often an important consideration. Family members may be located across Australia so the decision as to whether to choose a facility near where the resident used to live or near particular family members can be a difficult one.

Affordability – the ability to afford accommodation payments and ongoing care fees is often a concern for residents and their families. An important part of aged care advice is explaining the various options and allowing clients to make an informed choice.

Understanding the flood of information – there is a lot of information to take in when entering an aged care facility. Assisting clients through the process including explaining the various steps involved and the forms that need to be completed can be an important part of the advice process.

Should they sell their home? – this is a common question as most aged care residents own a home. Factors to consider include the ability to rent the home, whether they want to retain the home for estate planning purposes and the effect of selling the home on aged care fees and Centrelink entitlements.

There are many providers of age care and retirement village facilities, they also have a wide range in what services that are provided to the resident. Examples of such facilities can be found online from most of the major providers but we highly recommend that you visit each of the short listed facilities that you are interested in.

These are just two of the common providers there are however many more.

Aveo Live Well retirement villages balance convenience and independence with an enviable lifestyle. Through care, skill and dedication we have been refining what it means to "live well" in retirement for over 20 years and are proud to be Australia's leading provider of retirement lifestyles. Since 1991, our portfolio has grown to 75 retirement villages across Australia offering a wide choice of lifestyles.
Source http://www.aveo.com.au/

Anglican Care is an innovative and progressive quality provider of aged care services for more than 1,200 residents and consumers, providing Retirement Living, Day Therapy, Residential Care, Community & Home Care, Dementia Specific and Respite Care.

Anglican Care will help you embrace your new lifestyle and make you and your family part of our home. We provide you with the knowledge to enable you and your family to make informed choices. At the heart of every Anglican Care home and service is personal attention. Everything we do is designed to help you stay healthy, live as independently as possible, and assure peace of mind for family members.
Source http://anglicancare.com.au/