Hold Your Hand

We see our role and part guide, to hold your hand through these difficult problems and issues that come alone.

For example in recent times we have help guide clients through

  • Centrelink
  • The change over from work to retirement can be a difficult transition without adding the problems of dealing with Centrelink, we have assisted clients through this process many times, even attending the Centerlink office with many.

  • a 42 super fund amalgamation
  • Some how the client had amassed a total of 42 superannuation funds during their work, including mutiple accounts at the some provider, after almost 6 months work we simplified their life dramatically into just 1 account and now effectively manager and monitor their retirement savings.

  • insurance claims
  • An insurance claim can be a daunting prospect, we help contect you with the insurance company facilitating a go between service, and in a lot of cases a "translation" service to plain English for the demands of an insurance claim.

  • and several deceased estates
  • We have dealt with several deceased estates and even processed a probate application for a client saving money and simplify the issues during this time of morning.