Listed Property

Listed property trusts (LPTs) normaly provide access to a portfolio of 10+ properties that are professionally managed and can provide investors with regular rental returns and capital growth over the longer term. These investments allow you to access normally high cost property such as office buildings, industrial estates, and commercial shopping centres without the large investment. They are traded on the ASX, and therefore can normally are easy to be sold off.

A well known example of this style of investment is BWP - Bunnings Warehouse Properties which is basically the vehcile than owns and rents the industrial areas to Bunnings.

These are viable investment style, please contact us to disucss this and other listed property.

Unlisted Property

The primary difference with listed property is that it is now traded on the ASX, and therefore tends to a term based investment.

Unlisted Property investments are also called Property Syndicates, it is common that they only hold one property and tend to focus on the commercial and industrial buildings

These are viable investment style as well but additional care needs to be taken due to the low level of diversity provided, please contact us to disucss this and other unlisted property.