Overseas Share Markets

Investing in overseas share markets, allows an investor to diversify even more, as a lot of the markets, industries and businesses dont have an Australian option available. If you take a close look at the local ASX (Australian Stock eXchange) you will see that a large portion is taken up by Banking and Mining companies, once they are removed the rest of the stock market is limited. Therefore investing overseas becomes a requirement for a well diversified portfolio.

And because Australia is very dependent on commodities and other raw materials we have to rely on overseas markets for our economic wellbeing, so at A2Z we regularly monitor the following global markets

  • United States of America
    1. Dow
    2. NASDAQ
    3. S&P500
  • Europe
    1. Dax (Germany)
    2. FTSE (UK)
  • Asia
    2. HANG SENG(China - Hong Kong)
    3. KOSPI(South Korea)
    4. NIKKEI 225(Japan)
    5. BSE SENSEX(India)
  • Commodities and Other
    1. Oil
    2. Gold
    3. Silver
    4. US 10 Year Long Bond

We report this on a weekly basis to clients with the Sunday Summary Newsletter, the latest edition can be found here.

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