Investing in the Share Market

Investing in the share market can be done in several ways, firstly you can purchase direct when a company floats, such as CBA, Telstra, Suncorp and more recently Medibank, secondly you can buy them via a share broker, and thirdly you can buy them indirectly via a managed fund.

Each method has its pros and cons, so call us at A2Z Finance Solutions (A2Z) we are happy to discuss direct shares and any other investments.

Also keep in mind the negative side to investing, its all to easy to forget the bad times when everthing is rolling along, the following image shows the volatility in the market

Approved Stock Brokers

Comsec is one of the most used brokers and provides a two level service with access to large amounts of data and a simple website to use.


Sub level securities, or derivatives, are based on the underlying asset but generally only one aspect of it and therefore substancially increases the risk and volatility. Such as Options, Warrants, and Futures Contracts, some fund managers also use derivatives as a means of risk hedge control particularly when dealing with currency exchange rates.

For those interested the ASX does run a free seminar series for investors to meet and hear from senior management of ASX-listed companies across a variety of industries, check the current listed seminars and register your interest here.

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