Super is a Life Long Friend

Superannuation is a life long friend, that will be with you from age 18 to grave, it is something that needs to monitored and respected as it will grow with you and provide a huge benefit for your when you retire.

Because of the longevity of the account it is often forgoten about during our youth, but it is because of this longevity that small changes and regular monitoring can have a huge impact over the life of your superannuation fund. There is a simple rule called the "Rule of 72" it basically says that if you divide 72 by the average return you will get how long it will take to double your money. So think about if you increased your average return by 1% (from 8% to 9%) in your 20's it would take only 8 years to double your money and not 9 years.

This minor change would give your super fund the chance to double 1 or 2 times extra before you retire.